Home Loan

Home Loan

Looking to buy a home and could not proceed due to Bad Cibil Score, Bad Cibil Report, No IT Returns or other eligibility issues?

Post our assessment of your credit profile, we will guide you to get the home loan you are looking for. Banks normally fund upto 80% of the total Market Value of the property.

Mortgage Loan

Mortgage Loan

Did you get rejected for a Mortgage Loan also known as Loan Against Property (LAP) due to Low Credit Score, Poor Credit History or lack of other financial eligibility documents?

Firstly, we will assess your Cibil profile and ensure you get the mortgage loan you need. Funding differs from bank to bank and ranges between 50% to 60% of the total Market Value of the property.

Construction Loan

Construction Loan

Unable to get a Construction Loan to start construction on your existing plot of land because of your Bad financial profile, No Income Proof or poor Bank statement?

We will look into your financials, fix the eligibility criteria that eludes you and get you the construction loan you wanted. Upto 80% cost of the project estimate is funded by banks in construction loans.

Home Loan Approved

Home Loan Mortgage Loan Guaranteed...

No matter how bad your CIBIL profile is, whether you have IT Returns or not or any other financial eligibility related documentation for that matter, we give 100% assurance that we could you get you the best loans deals that are available, with reasonable loan terms and conditions at competitive Rates of Interest, from a range of public sector banks, private banks and NBFC's.

We explicitly deal with

Home Loan ( 90% for loans <30lakhs & 80% for Loans >30Lakhs )

Mortgage Loan or Loan Against Property ( LAP ) ( between 50%-60% funding by various banks )

Construction Loan ( 80%-90% of the Construction Estimate)

Open Plot Purchase Loan ( between 50%-60% of the registration value funded by various banks )

Composite Loan ( Open Plot Purchase + Construction Loan ) (between 50%-60% of the registration value for Plot Purchase & 80%-90% of the Construction Estimate towards Construction Loan )

Commercial Property Purchase Loan ( between 50%-60% of the registration value funded by various banks )

Any Loans

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