A temporary hold on tickets of less than 50L…!

You might be well aware of RBI’s strict monitoring of NPA’s, in housing loan market. It has been in a BigBoss mode for more than an year now, to the extent of asking NHB (National Housing Board) to provide day to day reports on NPA’s.

All this resulted in tectonic shift in the home loan landscape and the going got tough for everyone involved. Oversight, that caused collapse of a major Private NBFC. Further, RBI has barred few other NBFC’s from giving out any new loans.

This resulted in fewer banks and NBFC’s left in the housing loan market. Which in turn led to huge demand for their home loan products. It has come to a point where an average Joe is facing difficulty to avail housing loans from these institutions. So, you can imagine the hardship we are facing to get people with Cibil issues those loans.

It’s been a daunting task for the past 15 months and a very bumpy ride. We delivered on any cases we took up nonetheless..!

Owing to that, after serious thought, we have decided not to take tickets less than 50L in value. Our sincere apologies to our prospective clients. But, we won’t take any new cases with ticket size smaller than 50L, until the situation improves.

Queries from anyone with a home loan requirement are welcome.

We shall advise and point people with small ticket requirements in the right way, to the best of our knowledge. Which is the least we can do to help people in distress..!

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