About Us

Everyone works hard in their life to be able to afford 3 basic necessities of life - 'Food, Clothing and Shelter'. Food and clothing aside buying a home in this day and age is an expensive affair. People look for affordable home loans to fulfill this need. Availing a Home Loan with all the right documentation is a daunting task, let alone if you have goofed up your Credit Report or Credit Score over the years. It turns into an absolute nightmare if you have eligibility issues. This is exactly where we, the Cibil Problem Home Loans team step in.

We are a financial consulting firm, specializing in helping people mend their poor Cibil Report, improve low Cibil Score or help with correct filing of Income Tax Returns, in order to help you get that loan, to be able to buy the dream HOME.

Our Philosophy - 'A Second Chance'

One should not suffer and forced to give up dreams due to mistakes committed in the past. You should be able to start over with a clean slate and realize your dreams. We believe in second chances and we are here to help you with just that... 'A Second Chance' you desperately need and desire.

Our Story

"The beginning of all things are small". That is exactly how we started... "small and humble". We started over 7 years ago and have 100's of satisfied clients, whose dream of owning a home, expanding their business, construction of property on their land or simple future investment in Plot Purchases, we helped realize by getting them the loan they wanted.

"We owe our success not to volume of sales but to the Value of our Services".

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