poor or bad cibil report

Is your Bad Cibil Report hurting your loan application?

Let me guess, you wanted to get a loan from the bank and got rejected because of your bad cibil report. One in every three people have some or the other issue with their credit report only to realize its importance a little too late to save the day.

You might have ignored small amounts over due on your loan accounts. You Paid and settled but the loan account still shows amount as outstanding. Huge credit card charges show your are credit hungry. You have settled the dues but did not save the receipts to prove that its been settled. Could be a hundred other reasons, but they are all visible on the report, making Bankers wary and resulting in rejection.

Cibil Home Loans is here to help you with just that.

We assess your report and apprehend the Usual Suspects. Guide you to confront the suspects and address them. Finding whats causing your banker reject your file is paramount and need not say, we are the experts at that.

We fight on your behalf with the credit providers and get you the best possible deals to settle the dues for your outstanding dues. Case its already settled by you, we ensure its updated in your Cibil report.

With our attention to detail, we can identify the hero's from the villian's on your credit report.

All that while negotiating with bankers to get you the best possible loan deal. We will, for sure find a banker who is willing to lend, so that you could go and get that dream home of yours.

To remedy your bad cibil report...

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