Bad CIBIL Report

We help you overcome the cibil problem because of your Bad CIBIL Report. We shall get you the Home loan you want by carefully analyzing and remedying your credit report.

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Bad CIBIL Score

Low Cibil Score stopping you get that home loan to own your dream house? With in depth analysis and suggestions to improve your score, we can get you there guaranteed.

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No Income Tax Returns

You have filed No Income Tax Returns and still want to get a home loan. We are here to help you file those returns, for the correct amount and right way to enable you get that home loan.

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We are here to help people with Cibil problem.

At Cibil problem Home Loans - CHL, we help people haunted by the ghosts of their past mistakes. People who ended up with Low Cibil Score, Poor Cibil Report or have No IT returns to support their Home Loan Application.

Despite your problem with Cibil or eligibility. We guarantee to get you the Home Loan to buy your dream home. Mortgage Loan to expand your business or personal needs. Construction loan to build your house on an existing piece of land. Or a loan to purchase an Open Plot with in City Limits as a future investment.

If you are from Hyderabad or Bangalore - Bengaluru. If you are looking for a Loan with Bad Credit Report, Bad Credit Score or No IT Returns. Then, we are here to help you to get the Home Loan, Mortgage Loan, Construction Loan or an Open Plot Purchase loan you desire in Bangalore or Hyderabad.

We explicitly deal with people with eligibility and Cibil issues. We  work towards getting you the best loan deal, at attractive interest rate and flexible loan terms. Check our FAQ section and blog posts for more information.

We DO NOT deal with Personal Loans, Business Loans or Auto Loans.

Sorry to inform that we are not taking up any new tickets of less than 50 Lakhs.

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